Naha – win or lose? If you entered you are a winner in my books.

Hi there my friends, As promised this is the 3rd blog on NAHA.  “Moody Blue” is my collection that did not make it beyond the top 20 into the final 6 nominations.  (for masters 2015)  What do you think?  See below the 10 points I have learned from entering NAHA.

MacKinder_4.2.2014_0522-ret  MacKinder_4.2 MacKinder_4.2.2014_0659-ret MacKinder_4.2-.. 3.MacKinder_4.2The Journey is nominated for Master NAHA 2015 (see below)
This collection was featured in last weeks blog in video and print.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.14.26 PM

NAHA -Graphica – Nominated for masters 2014 –  did not win.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.16.38 PM(go to this blog to see the Video.)

Editorial that did not win –  NAHA editorial 2014.
Have I Failed my way to success?  In many cases my hardest lessons were the catalyst to something far greater. So how do we take a disappointment and turn it into a victory?  Keep scrolling…


Why am I sharing my failures with you?  Are these strong collections? Yes they are, but  they did not win a NAHA trophy.  Of course it would have been great to have won, but lets put things in prospective. As I know a lot of people who entered NAHA again this year and did not make it into the final cut. Some stylists/colorist what to quit and others, are even more determined to go to the next level and enter for 2016.  See below questions that I ask myself that I hope you find valuable, let me know what you think? PS they apply to NAHA and to life!


  1. What did I learn from the NAHA journey?
  2. How could I improve upon the collection?
  3. Did the nominated collections have some creative or technical skill that my collection lacked?
  4. Do I need a different team to work with?
  5. How do I compete against myself and better my best?
  6. How hungry am I do what it takes to go to the next level?
  7. Who can train or mentor me?
  8. What is the ultimate return on my investment?
  9. Do I really need a NAHA to increase my value behind the chair?
  10. Is my WHY? big enough to motivate me?

PS. Big tease collection was another that I entered  for Editorial, did not win.
You can see this full collection on my web site.


What are you going to do today to increase your value behind the chair?

Join me for my next photo shoot work shop, and learn even more!

All the best Vivienne.

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