I’m NOT JUST a Hairdresser and neither are you.

Hi there my friends, its time to give ourselves a make over.  I am relaunching my initiative of “I’m NOT JUST a hairdresser”.  Inspired to protect our legacy learning life lessons from our mentors, so that we may step into our individual greatness.

Imagine being a basket ball player and not knowing who Michael Jordon is?  Think of all the lessons to learn from such an iconic Player.

Michael_Jordan_Net_WorthThe same applies to our craft imagine not knowing about Vidal Sassoon, his story and victories, how he overcame challenges and changed the face of hairdressing. vidal-sassoon--cutsOver 15 years ago I embarked on this film series “I’m NOT JUST a hairdresser”  its time to revitalize the spirit of hairdressing. All that we are, all that we could become, lifting the lid off any limitations.

Imagine learning more, earning more and  reconnecting to “Why do we do what we do?”
Join me as we relight the flame of desire, potential and the Joy of being a hairdresser.

Join me on this quest as we launch the INJAH tour.

 The legends Vidal Sassoon Trevor Sorbie Robert Lobetta

the movie available on DVD and on HairdesignerTV.com
HDTV Classic inspiration.

Please share the message as we embark on empowering your life.

Best Wishes Vivienne Mackinder
Founder of HairDesignerTV.com

Dates and location of tour coming soon!


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