How to be part of a fabulous team.

Hi there my Friends,

You may go fast alone, but you will go further in a team.

I would not be where I am in my career if it were not for the amazing people that I have worked with during my career. It’s all about the company that you keep. Who is in your inner circle?  At this point in my career I am very selective to whom a play with, as I know that a team member can help me or hurt me.
If the inner circle is a score of a 5 out of 10,  as you climb the career ladder when you hit the team 5 how will you go beyond that number to  10.

I have always surrounded myself with brighter people than myself .  The mentors I look for have to be playing at a 10, now that is a great inner circle,  and outer circle. (check out the movie below)
I look for knowledge and success track record, level of humility and integrity, after all talent is not enough they have to be a great person. Who wants to hang out with a big head?

I hope you enjoy this short film about Mentors passing on their knowledge to the next generation. Find your mentor Today.

Who is in your inner circle? Who will influence who you will become?

Let me know what you think? 
PS if you would like me to mentor you check out

All the best

Vivienne Mackinder Founder of and


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