What I learned at NAHA

Vivienne-MackinderHi there my Friends, Wow 7 NAHA are sitting in my studio, I am amazed!!  I want to thank you all for your support and kind messages. Please check out my  video and collection of the Journey. Thank you to UKHairdresser for this story.

HDTV_AsianGeo_Look_03-0348Ex-Brit Wins Major Usa Award  http://www.ukhairdressers.com/notice_board.asp
Vivienne Mackinder wins 2015 Master Stylist of the Year  – An outstanding collection called The Journey has seen brilliant hair designer Vivienne Mackinder being announced Master Stylist of the Year at the 2015 North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). British-born Vivienne, now a resident of Riverhead, NYC, was overwhelmed with her latest accolade and delivered an emotional acceptance speech.


“Wow! I so didn’t expect this. Ahead of tonight’s event I told my husband of my nervousness and he gave me great comfort by saying I’d already climbed and reached the top of a mountain simply by being nominated and short-listed. And did it really matter if I did or didn’t get a glass trophy to prove the fact? So to every nominee, it’s the journey which is the most important thing and really big congratulations to you all for having the courage to climb that mountain.

“My winning Journey Collection represents an interpretation of Samurai Warriors and one thing I do know is its success is all down to teamwork, you couldn’t do it all by yourself. Thank you so much to my award winning team: amazing photographer Julia Pogodina, incredible makeup artist David Maderich, everyone in my HDTV art team and to my husband for believing in me when I don’t always believe in myself.”
All winners in 15 NAHA hair styling categories (five shortlisted nominees in each) were recognized during a star-studded awards ceremony on July 12th at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Held during the USA’s Professional Beauty Association Week, NAHA attracted more than 3,000 evening attendees, with thousands more tuning in to watch a live broadcast streamed online at nahalive.com

British-born Vivienne trained at the London College of Fashion before joining Vidal Sassoon where she rose to the rank of artistic director. Leaving London in 1990 for the USA, Vivienne worked for Trevor Sorbie as International Creative Director before founding her own innovative educational operation, HairDesignerTV

Below are the additional images from the Journey collection,
that were not part of my NAHA submission I hope you enjoy.
Thank you to my hair Heroes Trevor Sorbie and Vidal Sassoon.





 Thank you for spending time with me and my blog.
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All the best Vivienne Mackinder

Thank you to my award winning team –  Photography Julia Pogodina, Make up David Maderich, Fashion Beagy, Video Edit David Guerrieri, Hair Vivienne Mackinder, Production HairDesignerTV.com. Rebekah Hope.

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