1 - BerlinHi there my Friends,
A bob line still humbles me,especially if it is blunt, showing any imperfections.



Oh how forgiving is the LOB!!

soft-wave-hairstyles-shoulder-length-hairThe trendy “Lob” is a soft line broken by the shoulders, due to its length it is an abstract line. When razor cut it is even softer, and much easier to style into a lazy curl.

During my career I think I have seen every variation of a bob line,  “I believe the classics will withstand the passage of time, so they are worth mastering”.Viv xx

At HairDesignerTV.com you can study 8 bobs in my “online Bob course” and truly master these tricky techniques.


In the video tutorial below: you will see the Razor “L” + “Etching technique” (one of 7 razor methods) that I like to use.  This method creates a soft exterior and interior at the same time.  Yes it is one of the more advanced techniques so before you try this watch with your razor in your hand (PS remove the Blade) and mimic my hand motion ITS A MUST TO DEVELOP GOOD FORM BEFORE REMOVING HAIR.

Katie Razor Bob

This short bob (in video) also works as a  longer “Lob” = (Long Bob length).  Katie’s Bob shows  facial framing making it easier to wear for most face shapes.

Today’s  ‘Lob’ suits wide faces as the long facial framing closes down the face.


Planes Vertical

 Open or Close the Face, the Quest is to create OVAL

For faces that enjoy more lift and openness the Katie bob is perfect.
This style was Inspired by Scarlett Johansson bob.


1B KATIEscarlett_johansson_dg_campaign_03


Hair Vivienne Mackinder, Photography David Guerrieri, Make up David Maderich, Fashion styling Montgomery Frazier

A sample from the razor course on HairDesignerTV.com
to learn all 7 methods in razoring please visit my on line course


Should you be interested in joining one of my live events please check out my courses in cutting and styling

or call us at 631.591.1079

All the best Vivienne Mackinder

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