The Making of a Star

Hi there my Friends,2012_texture_jasmine_gibbs_1 My jaw dropped at one of my photographic workshops…  In a very small class setting I start my presentation by first asking stylists to give me some background about their career, which usually ranges from 2 to 30 years experience. PS I love this diversity of experience, but when it was Jasmine’s turn to share she said “3 weeks!”

Panic! Our first exercise was a precision razor Graduated Bob that would be styled 20’s 50’s and today.  Using a variety of dress work skills.  How would Jasmine cope?
I asked what were you doing 3 weeks prior to cosmetology school?  Jasmine replied “I am a nurse in intensive care supporting myself through cosmetology school”.  Well I asked “Are you ready for a challenge?  Are you willing to follow direction?”
Jasmine said “yes”. 
To cut a long story short, Jasmine did exactly as directed proving that slow, steady and consistent wins the race.

In fact she was the star of the class, Jasmine had no bad habits. As one very experienced stylist confessed, “I wish I had Jasmine’s start in the business, I have to unlearn in order to relearn and I now realize how many bad habits are sabotaging my future.”

I always remind myself of this important question when studying,
‘I am practicing to improve, or reenforcing a bad habit?”

The Secret to Jasmine’s success is simple and yet so hard for many! Namely Jasmine’s ability to listen and follow direction along with  her humility and hunger to work hard. These are qualities I look for in my team and consequently I took Jasmine under my wing.

Check out this link so that I may help you also.
I present a great Video of Jasmine in action.

 In less than 2 years Jasmine  went on to win “NAHA Texture”
for the North American Styling awards.


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