The Queen of design – Sharon Blain

w.SHARON_BLAIN_HAIR_EXPO_2015_04_    Hi there my Friends, Thrilled to share with you insights to my friend and mentor. The fabulous,
Sharon Blain.


Nominated Collection for Australian Hair Expo
Hairdresser of the Year 2015
By Sharon Blain.

w.SHARON_BLAIN_HAIR_EXPO_2015_08_Viv Q : What inspires you and keeps you going after 50 years in the business?

Sharon A: I think it is the love of what I do that keeps the flame alive. I feel as excited about hair today 50 years on, as I did the day I commenced my career.

I spend every free moment researching the latest runway, editorial shoots and developing new techniques that continues to inspire me.

As an educator, I get to connect with so many wonderful stylists throughout the world sharing with them knowledge and ideas. These passionate hairdressers all have a common tread – their love of hair. It is this connection that has kept me thriving and loving hair.


Viv Q : What goals do you still want to achieve?

Sharon A: The elusive Australian Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year is one goal I’ve still to win. But in saying that, I think the drive to win has out shadowed the goal to continue just to create beautiful hair images with new directions and creativity.

I also want to continue to spread the message among our industry professionals about the importance of ongoing education and understanding that learning is essential for longevity.


Viv Q : What is your best advice to young stylist who wish to enjoy your success?

Sharon A: This is a question regularly asked of me. My advice is to, practice, practice, practice. I set time aside weekly to work on new ideas and refine my skills.

It’s always easy to make excuses for why our careers haven’t worked out the way we planned.

But remember, you are in control of your own destiny. If you don’t know it, learn it! If it’s not working, then change what you’re doing. I believe the success of your career is entirely in your hands.


Viv Q : What would young Sharon of 20 now say to the Sharon of today?

Sharon A: Never giving in on yourself- all the money, time and energy you invested into your learning your craft is the reason you have enjoyed such an amazing career.

You have to set audacious goals, embraced opportunities and followed your dreams.


Another brilliant collection and great advice from Sharon Blain, thank you. Bravo!
All the Best
Vivienne Mackinder
Founder of

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