Shear Star – what does it take to be successful?

Shear_Star-skyline Hi there my Friends, I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Britton this month who is a very cool gentleman.  Richard is the founder of Shear Star, and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by him, Please enjoy audio track.


I decided to turn the tables and find out more about Richards world.
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Viv Q: What inspired you to create shear star?
Richard A:    I love to be on stage and in salons motivating and inspiring people. Over the last few years I have been traveling, working with and learning from many mentors. Along the way I have conceived many ideas for books, technology products and podcasts. I have rarely conceptualized creating collections or new ways to do hair. I came to realize that my passion for speaking, presenting and conceiving new technologies was my unique way of impacting the industry. So I dared to produce the work I wanted to see in the world and Shear/Star was born.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges in our business today?
We live in a time where technical education is at our finger tips. On one hand there are no obstacles in your way to learn and grow in your craft. On the other hand with so many things vying for our attention we have shorter attention spans, we are more impatient with our careers and rarely set goals or even have a plan. That’s why I wanted to share these Artists stories through Shear/Star. The people at the top of our industry put in the time and practice necessary. They endured tremendous adversity and setbacks. They worked on themselves just as hard as they worked on their skills. Nobody gets to the top overnight or by accident, but anybody can get to the top if they are willing to do the work.

What common theme is there between all the guests you have interviewed?
They have multiple MENTORS and great HABITS. Even if they don’t have access to their MENTORS they study the people who are the best at what they do. They pick up on their HABITS and they implement those HABITS into their daily routine.


What do you hope to achieve with Shear/Star?
I want to keep people from quitting the Industry and giving up on their dreams. I want to use technology to inspire and motivate people by sharing the stories of those that came before them. I want to document the history of our Industry. Thank you Richard for your inspiration, and vision.

All the best Vivienne Mackinder
Founder of

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