Sexy layers

Hi there my Friends, 3648f51f560cc9339c5ab8660eddbcd0These images are my favorites in the category of of the sexy undone layers, all of which seem to be  with standing the passage of time.  Why?  They suit so many face shapes, and are sexy.  May be this progression of styles could be a nice journey for your clients progressing from long to a shorter and shorter cuts.
Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.32.01 PM

While we do a great hairstyle today I think it is important to explore all style options for the future. I suggest planting seeds (ideas) for the next style.
What do you think?1 A Blonde-HairColors-1

shag kate moss



Very-short-hairstyles-with-bangs 2012-tousled-cropped-womens-hair1

PS Many of these cuts we recreate during my work shops.
See below: Malorie’s work in my 5 stylist for 5 days.  Bravo!

Check out my work shops lets create together.


Malorie razor bob-10407

Malorie razor bob-10401

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