Private training with Vivienne from the comfort of your salon

Hi there my friends,

I just taught one of my art team members (Rosemary) via Skype. She was in her Kitchen with her Mannequin head and I was miles away in my studio.  Rosemary said it was such an amazing session and that she learned so much.  In addition, what she loved was how she did not loose any time away from her salon.   We recorded the session so that she could watch it again on her own time. Rosemary stated that when she watched the video the second time, she was able to process the information better then the first time she heard it. This caused her to resolve some of her technical challenges she had been having and made her immediately see improvement in her work.

Skype_VivThis gave me the idea to share this opportunity with you as well. Watch the video below to see another team member I coached named Marisa. I invite you to do a Skype session with me from the comfort of your home or salon.

Have you ever seen one of my educational video’s or any tutorial on a hairstyle and you wished you could ask me a question on a technique and get more clarity on how to recreate the look? Well now you can.

Here are the advantages of doing a Skype session with me:

  1. You’ll save money on your training and gain so much more.
  2. You’ll save time (stay home or stay in the salon).
  3. Instead of just watching a video you will get to connect with me and I can show you step by step.
  4. We can work on any challenges you may be having or any new ideas you would like to work on.
  5. Our session is recorded, you can reflect and go back to the lesson and learn even more later.
  6. This is an accelerated  learning experience.


  1. The session includes 1 hour to 90 minutes training with me.
  2. The lesson is recorded for you to review and continue to learn.
  3. You will be given a course on line that relates to your area of study.

Let’s work on some holiday hair together! Call Rebekah to schedule a 90min Skype session with me in November or December. 866-484-8622 or 631-375-1820

See you soon!


Vivienne Mackinder

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