Back to the future – color banding

2006 web cindy french monday manniquin_edit

Hi there my Friends, After 40 years in the business, I still get out a mannequin head and practice a new idea.  If I’m going to experiment, my doll is the one thing that will not complain or get in the way of the creative process.
The creative process is delicate, I have many times seen a harsh opinion crush the birth of a new idea.

In today’s block we are going down memory lane, with this technique from the 1980’s.  Oddly it is more relevant today. CR5Shot in Morocco this hair piece is entwined through the models hairgaze-copy

Shot on location for Matrix –
Asymmetric cut with disconnected Fringe, color bandedmatrix-waves Shot on location in the Ruins Morocco

When pushing your creativity, allow your mind to ask what if?
Look at things as they could be.
Trust and listen to your inner voice and remember to photo journal your creative proccess.

Thank you to Danilo – Matrix – Aldo Belkouar photography

Please share with your friends.

All the best Vivienne Mackinder founder of

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