Precision cutting with the razor

Hi there my friends, I hope you like this hair cut.  You may be surprised to know this little fact.  It is 100% razor cut!  I have 7 methods that I use from abstract to precision, in this cut I used a blunting technique and chiselling – both create a strong line with a softened edge.  In the scissor world it would mean two hair cuts cutting a line and pointing into the line.  Below is one cut and a lovely grow out.
PS this may really surprise you I cut this over 20 years ago!! The classics are timeless, so learn well.geo-cut

If you are nervous to use the razor I do understand, as it can be intimidating. But with excellent training, ‘Action conquers fear’.  So I recommend, joining me in one of 3 ways.

  1. Online – take a course check out bread and butter or the razor course
  2. Private Virtual training – from your salon to my studio via Skype
    contact [email protected]
  3. Live work shop – Join me in 2016 for a work shop

I look forward to connecting with you – please share with your friends.
All the best Vivienne Mackinder – founder of

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