Faux Hawk Braids

faux 3Hi there my Friends, you do what ever it takes when designing, even using a step stool!  Check out the images from back stage at a show.
faux 2

  1. The hair was crimped for texture and divided into 5 sections.
  2. A hair pad was pinned to the head and then the hair was rope braided in the center section.
  3. The side sections were then braided into 3 strand rope braids and  French Braids.
  4. All the braids were secured into a pony tail at the nape of the neck and then a Hair Accessory was added.
  5. Note to make more commercial keep all the braids closer to the scalp, this style was proportioned for stage, consequently the scale needed to be larger for the wow effect.  I hope you like the end result.

faux hauwk_corrected faux 4crop




I look forward to seeing you on line next year and at one of my live workshops.





All the best Vivienne Mackinder. Founder of HairDesignerTV.com

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