Ready steady GO

viv back stage pass bwHi there my friends, I have been using the last couple of weeks to reflect and reorganize my life personally and professionally.  Trust me it is a daunting task!  But, when I click my  Achiever switch on there is no stopping me, and the end result so rewarding.  We all gather baggage in our lives some of which has an expiration date, or needs to be re-purposed, whether physical or in our thought life.  So when I purge and bring only what is valuable and relevant forward,  in fact I am saying goodbye to out dated stuff, but I have to remember to say ‘thank you for bringing me this far’.  I have discovered that when I make space it allows room for bigger and better things to come my way.
This is where I like to apply the 80/20 rule.  Focus on the 20% that will bring me an 80% return, and not work hard applying 80% effort of only a 20% return.  This balancing act is the hardest thing for me to do!

cinderella_makeover_sgrossWhat does this mean for you this year?

  1. Cleaning out your closets?
  2. Letting go of old  techniques and updating your repertoire?
  3. Daring to be more creative?
  4. A personal make over?
  5. Seeking new mentors to guide your way?
  6. Reinvesting 10% or your earnings back into yourself for more value behind the chair – Taking some on line courses and live workshops??
  7. More play time?
  8. Getting in great shape while having fun, maybe take up Dancing?
  9. An Artist Date?
  10. Redesign your life style goals and back the next phase of your career into your lifestyle?

All of the above I am in the process of doing – while I prepare for an exciting month – A 3 day photo shoot  – Presenting on main stage at Oribe “Front Row show” in Miami.  Then off to Mexico for a ‘Joico 7 day educational retreat’ presenting on main stage, then off to do some private events!  Wow time for a cocktail.

Happy new year my Friends.
I look forward to meeting you on line or better still at a live event.
Best Wishes Vivienne Mackinder Founder of

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