Invent and reinvent your self- be fabulous.

Hi there my Friends,
I love the  quote  by Zig Ziglar.
IMG_7276I work with the best of the best in our profession, from novices with one year of experience, to 40 years experienced stylists.  We all face the same challenges the battle in our mind.

What voice do you listen to?  The ‘I can’? or ‘I can’t’?
The voice of ‘Personal growth’? or ‘The voice of stagnation’?

taylor_back stageThis challenge that we all face is the fine line between comfort and challenge.  When salons owners talk to me about the challenge of keeping staff motivated, I think the underlying issue are the voices in our minds. When we become good at our job it is easy to become complacent, but good sounds ok until you hear the word GREAT.  The biggest danger is that in our comfort we can stop learning and growing.
For many of us we have a fear of change, I say “Feel the fear and challenge your self, its an amazing experience, when you turn fear into excitement”.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.04.39 PMViv’s Reality check
When you work only, at being good at your job you have an income, but when you invest in your personal and professional growth you can build a fortune.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.18.22 PMWill you be daring and try something new?
I invite you as my blog follower to join our Back stage Pass 3 as my guest.

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Best Wishes Vivienne Mackinder Founder of Hairdresser and
Photo credits
Photography by David Guerrieri
Fashion Montgomery Frazier
Sponsor Inter Coiffure
Hair Color Sue Pemberton
Hair design By Vivienne Mackinder

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