Back stage 4 – preview – Asymmetric bob cut

Hi there my friends, Yes I know we have only just launched Back Stage Pass 3, if you have not seen it do check out.
Here is a tease to Back stage Pass 4 _ shot on location In Mexico at Destination Education hosted and sponsored by Joico Canada.
1000 Canadians gathered in Punta Mita Mexico for a fun week of education and inspiration. In this step by step we take you backstage and show you what the audience did not see!

What will you learn?
1. How to blend a precision and razor cut within a geometric cut.
2. How to balance an asymmetric line.
3. The three rules for cutting a blunt bob outline.
4. The art of invisible graduation
5. Four razor techniques demonstrated in this cut.
6. How to balance working hard and playing hard.
7. Inspiration – education and fun is promised.
8. Viv Lets her hair down!

Thank you to Joico for an extraordinary event – Sue Pemberton and  Joico team  and my art team member Charles Azzi. Special thank you to April and my lovely model.

For more education please check out

Best Wishes Vivienne Mackinder

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