Turning Fear into Power

Hi there my Friends, I love this statement so powerful.
What are your thoughts?IMG_8044How many times in our life has fear of failing paralyzed us from trying something new and we have played it safe?
Saying “This is not for me”!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.28.26 PM
Hair Piece by Glam Partners
madsion before

 Could this long hair intimidate? YES!
Just think of the last time you got uncomfortable and tried something new for the first time?   How did it feel to do it afraid?
For myself I love the challenge I love to be stretched and grow, I love to feel alive.  I know with calculated risk it will be an amazing journey and even if I have some degree of failure it will be an awesome lesson, that I will never forget.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.30.21 PMRemember this – fear is another way of saying I will fail, as we do not fear good things happening. So when you feel this feeling stop, interview yourself and ask questions and in your answers you will find the support and  solution to move forward.    I dare you!!

What can intimidate the artists?
1. Fear of the unknown?
2. What if the client does not like our idea?
3. What if you cannot recreate the look from Instagram?
4. What if you run out of time?
5. What will your peers say if your fail or succeed?

I just did some big make overs, did I feel intimated to cut off so much hair? No, but in the pasted YES.  My consultations are now so strong that by the time I get into the ‘design mode’ I have a sense of peace. ( I will be showing you these images in my next blog.)

Mantra Feel the Fear and do it anyway! Have a great day.
All the best Vivienne Mackinder Founder of HairDesignerTV.com

For all booking Vivienne Mackinder inquires or to attend a live workshop or to become a 5 star member of HairdesignerTV.com contact [email protected]
or call 866-484-8622.

Photo credits Shot on location At Oribe Workshop NYC.
Photography David Guerrieri
Hair Vivienne Mackinder
Make up – Nestor Lopez
Fashion styling – Aslin Berio
Model Madison
Hair Accessory by Glam Partners LLC

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