Learn the art of styling and dressing hair

Hi there my friends, When I worked at Vidal Sassoon’s Salon in London, my whole world was cutting hair, then one day I got a bride!!!!  Some one told, someone that I had a background in classic hairdresser, from my time at the London College of Fashion.  While that was true, I was still terrified of dressing hair, I think because by the time I was done with my creations they looked like a monument, glued together and better suited to a museum than going to a cool party or wedding in London.


Ok so how many of you relate to my story?  Fear not my friends!! “Knowledge builds confidence and knowledge will over come fear”.  Two options join me for my next live work shop Editorial class in styling for Bridal and Red Carpet. From relaxed and undone hair to formal looks. (12th to 14th June, 2016)    Check out this link for more information https://hairdesignertv.com/live-education-calendar/  .  If you are too busy to escape the salon then check out my 16 week editorial course – which covers, Blow drying, Setting, Braiding, Pony tails, Relaxed and Formal styles. https://hairdesignertv.com/non-members/16-week-online-editorial-styling-course/


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Learn the art of Hair Sewing

Simplicity Booth Day 2 83329

Learn the art of texture braiding

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Learn the art of a classic chignonImage-3a

Learn the art of a Faux Bobbridal_Intercoiffure_06

Learn the art in creating  a Pony tail and Bouffant

Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder

For all booking Vivienne Mackinder inquires or to attend a live workshop or to become a
5 star member of HairdesignerTV.com contact [email protected] or call 866-484-8622.

Photo credits  Photographers Nesti  Mendoza – Robert Ligresti – Julia Pogodina – Make up David Maderick – Fashion Montgomery Frazier – Hair Vivienne Mackinder

2 thoughts on “Learn the art of styling and dressing hair

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  1. Vivienne, you are much more than a beautician or a hair stylist. You are a designer with an eye for beauty and a desire to create beautiful things. Bravo. You make me proud to be in the same profession as you. Much love and admiration, David Cohen, Davids Beautiful People


    1. David, so very kind, thank you for you lovely note. I am humbled and filled with gratitude. I am still a student learning and growing. take care vivienne


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