Changing Lives – at Vivienne’s workshop


Hi there my Friends,  Have you wondered about my classes?  – check out the video below.
A big Shout out and congratulation to Eloise for working so hard and pushing through Viv’s challenges to Victory.


With 1 to 6 students my workshops are close up and personal.

1. Laser focus – watching each of my stylists work, I study how they may improve their performance behind the chair.
2. I Coach, guide, push and so often changing the way a stylist works and sees their shapes.
3. When there is a technical problem in a design it often starts with the following challenges:- The correct use of tools.
4. Where to stand to avoid mistakes.
5. How to section for control and efficiency.
6. How to map out a style and create a beautiful shape.

7. How to section and control the shape technically.
8. How to design from the clients prospective.
9. Why using your mirror takes you to a 5 star designer.
10. How to finish a style to look modern and expensive.
11. How to make the ordinary every day look,  extraordinary.
12. Being challenged, stretched, and renewed.
13. How to save time.
14. Having fun during the creative process.
15. Rejuvenation – building confidence and  passion  for the craft
16. Feeling excited to go to work to feed the heart and the pocket.


Best Wishes Vivienne Mackinder Founder of

For all booking Vivienne Mackinder inquires or to attend a live workshop or to become a 5 star member of contact [email protected] or call 866-484-8622.Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 2.07.56 PM

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