Australia hair rocks the world

Hi there my friends,  This is the second blog where I celebrate and pay tribute to the amazing talent from Australia.  As mentioned last week, I have just finished judging the Australian and New Zealand Hairdressing awards one word WOW!!!!. (These awards are run by Hair Expo and sponsored by Schwarzkopf hair care).  I was so impressed by the outstanding work, that I have to say, “I think at this time Australia is leading the world in hair fashion, originality and strong technique”.  Alas I can not show you the collections I judged but I can share with you the artists work from 2015 awards.  This brilliant  collection below by Joey Scandizzo is an outstanding example of great Australian hair,  I hope you enjoy Joey’s  mastery.
16382110294_f777b99ac5_b 16384403193_f365fc6a1f_b 17003089852_a1532bf24b_b 17004519105_039d392932_b 17004519125_dd94dde6b6_b 17004519195_70dfa97f4b_b joey scandizzo


Best Wishes Vivienne Mackinder Founder of

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