NAHA calling


Hi there my Friends, With NAHA just around the corner time for reflection.  Where am I today as an artist?  Where am I going next?  With each collection that I create I always go in an opposite direction with the following collection.  I currently have 7 NAHA awards, and I have been fortunate to have been nominated numerous times. Each collection is my teacher, always promoting the same question.
“Viv if you add will the look be better? Or should you take elements away to improve the look?”
This is where a team is vital, I always work with people smarter and more talented than myself so that I can continue to learn and expand my vision of art and beauty. Below are a few of my collections over the past few years. I hope you enjoy like to know what you think?
A big thank you to the teams who each photo come to life.

2016 Masters Nomination – commercial beauty fashion.11172015_VIVIENNE_ORIBE_0153




2015 Masters winning collection the Journey inspired by Samurai warriors.



2104 masters Nomination Graphica inspired by Geometry and Patterns




2014 Pastel Edge Editorial – inspired by rainbows







2013 Editorial Nomination Kool Kids, inspired by Japanese street trends





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  1. I think this is your best collection yet!!!! I love the authentic vibe!!!Great job to you and your team!!!❤️


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