Multi tone color patterns

Hi there my friends,
In this short video I show you a tiny insight into how I build a photographic collection  “Moody blue”.
Should you wish to see the full video go to “Back stage pass 1″

There you will see more great content 2 Documentaries on how to create a collection – hair show and 4 hair cut step by steps.

PS ‘Back stage pass 1’ you will not find on Youtube or instagram its too special and should be for professional eyes only.  So if you truly love hair and are passionate about learning you will not be disappointed and you will do the right thing sign up and continue to be a life long learner, I believe we owe this to ourselves and our clients, don’t you?


Would you like me to help you with your next Photoshoot?  I have one spot open in my next photographic work shop  October 2nd to 5th 2016

For all booking Vivienne Mackinder inquires or to attend a live workshop or to become a 5 star member of contact [email protected] or call 866-484-8622.

Best wishes Vivienne Mackinder founder of




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