NYC Fashion Week

Hi My Friends I am back! Did you miss me?  A long needed holiday and then into NYC fashion week.  So check out what I have been doing.  PS some of these methods I will be teaching in my next Photo shoot workshop.  




To see full collection on Vogue UK click this link.

“We are striving to create modern editorial, beautiful hair and there’s nothing more thrilling then to see your hairstyles walk down the runway on an international stage, and then featured in British Vogue.  It was an honor to work with Malan Breton during the New York City Spring/Summer 2017 fashion week.  Malan is a brilliant designer, who embraces total style.   I loved that he wanted to see beautiful hair walk the runway.  When he told me how important the hair was, I felt excited and nerves at the same time.  The fashion world is so different then the trade hair world. I laughed when I heard his reference to the over-played hair, as he said:  “I don’t want the models to look like they just woke up in the back of the c train after being thrown from the tracks, after a long swim in the Hudson River”.   


 Malan, and I worked together for inspiration on the mood board. The styles we created were a fusion of hair looks from the 20’s and 70’s.  I then did a test rehearsal for Malan, and he approved the two looks for the women. Then I did a video tutorial for my team. Once I realized that wigs and hair pieces would be a part of the show I included in my video tutorials how to do a wig wrap, how to secure and style a wig, and how to put in hair extension in a hurry. Most salon stylists unless they are a specialist do not normally work in the editorial version of this so I made sure my team was prepared.   
 I met with my team the day of the show in my hotel room. I showed the team the models images and we reviewed the styles together.  A big challenge was that many of the models either had short hair, thin hair or damaged hair.  Since both hairstyles required hair, wigs and hair extensions were used on a lot of the models. 
 The challenge of fashion week is working fasts and making the looks appear natural. Fashion week is notorious for running late partly because models go from show to show and if the previous show runs late it’s a domino effect!  We had models arrive 20 mins before the show.  From a hair prospective I took the most challenging hair and gave the easier models to my team.  Call me a hero or call me crazy, but I promise you I was tested as I added hair and twisted hair into a bouffant twist.  
Thankfully with a great team and amazing products from Joico, the show was a huge success.  It was thrilling to see the girls and boys walk the runway, and the press loved the show.  For me this show was a reminder of how thankful I am for my background in classical training, with a huge repertoire of skills I received from the London College of Fashion where I was trained in hair for film and theater. 

I have just finished two movies on how I created the looks, so stay tuned for the full video!mj7a2395

I want to say a huge thank you to my team, to Joico and to Montgomery Frazier the fashion Guru and of course the brilliant Malan Breton.” 
 Frank DiLella, Malan Breton, & Tituss Burgess
Mason Grammar with Montgomery Frazier Aka The Image Guru


NeNe Leakes

Thank you to my amazing hair team from Joico and HairDesignerTV.com_o3r0583



In my hotel room before the show with Timothy Pamment


Jason Sparks back stage
Avian King – Viv – Slade Guillory
Slade Guillory


Best wishes  Vivienne Mackinder – Founder of

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