My Story

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When you look in the mirror what do you see?
Especially the rear view mirror of 2016?

Hi there my Friends, as 2016 comes to an end, I always think its important to reflect upon the passing year.  The victories, the joy, challenges, and may be heart aches?  It was that mix for me.  I think when you truly care about your family, friends, career and hobbies,  life will come along and test you.  Questions to Ask. What do I need to change for a new outcome?  What do I need to refine for a better result? What can stay just the way it is as right now it works?

I was interviewed recently by American Made beauty Radio Hosted by Patty Schmucker which I share with you here today, you may enjoy to listen while waiting for your next client or on the drive home.

The richness of the question evokes a great answer and when interviewed you are able to reflect and dive deep into life with your audience.  This is my story 40 years of hard work, joys, success and hardship.  Which I must add,  all continue to push me, the relentless desire  to better my best and continue to reinvent myself.  I hope you find value in my story.

viv back stage pass bw

PS how can you get your message out to the press?  What is your story?  Think about that today and consider how you can expand your reach and following.


All the best Vivienne Mackinder Founder of

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  1. Thank you, as a hairdresser for over 30 years. You are a inspiration and continue to evolve and i wish you many more! God bless, Happy New Year!


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