Un compromised Beauty _ new course on HairDesignerTV.com

3 Oribe Step By Step

Hi there my Friends and Knowledge Seekers, I am so excited to share the news about my new course.  Which I hope will be of interest to you! https://hairdesignertv.com/

Invest in 2017 with the gift that keeps on giving.

27 videos with in the Course

  1. Hair show – Front Row by Luxury Brands
  2. Two razor cuts
  3. 7 principles of razor cutting
  4. Where to stand when layering and cutting square shapes
  5. How to design to the face shape the art of facial framing
  6. The art of consultation
  7. 10 dress work – relaxed casual day to dramatic

Testimony from a fabulous stylist

Viv!   “Gosh I have thoroughly enjoyed watching these videos, and have found all of them incredibly educational and useful.   Personally, one of the biggest reasons that I find value in your courses vs other courses is that you teach the BIG picture. Design, Shape, Face shape everything is looked at, in a completely unique perspective. 

You not only show a tutorial for how you did the look but you explain the “why” behind every move you make… That to me…. is the true value, Because in order to learn something we need to understand the “why” behind it.   

That is what gives us a true practical application of using the technique learned. Its one thing to look up how to do something on youtube and see how to do it but no one can explain the why like you can. 

  Thank you Mitch 


For all booking Vivienne Mackinder inquires contact Rebekah Hope, email [email protected] or call 866-484-8622. Join my online education by going to HairdesignerTV.com

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