Make over workshop – would you like to host?

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Hi there my Dear Friends at HDTV.  

I  recently presented  a 2-day cutting class in Albuquerque New Mexico, what a beautiful part of the world!  It is so fun when I can combine work and pleasure! Roberto Melo who hosted me did a 5 star job xxx

Roberto who is  local stylist/makeup artist is accomplished and highly successful, in spite of his busy life, he had a educational vision to gather like minded ‘Knowledge seekers’ to a private 2 day class in his home town.

He bravely hit the streets cold calling  on salons saying ” I have invited Vivienne Mackinder to present a two day class in Razor cutting would you be interested in attending?”  As you can imagine it was a mixed reaction to “Who is she?”. ” Sorry not for me, as I don’t need education!” Why so expensive, I can do a distributor class for $100?” to “OMG I CANT BELIVE YOU ARE BRINGING VIVIENNE TO ALBUQUERQUE, SIGN ME UP!”  As in all things in life, you get what you pay for.  Roberto has passion and determination and through hard work and support from his partner Christoph he assembled a highly motivated and  intimate group of 14 professionals, all keen to find new levels of skills & artistry.  Guess what?  IT WAS A HUGE HIT.


“This was my first time to share her amazing work in Albuquerque. The beautiful historic and elegant ambiance of local Skin Bliss Spa + Salon, where the event took place on January 8-9/2017, contributed to a special New Mexican experience which was greatly enjoyed by all participants.” Roberto Melo.


What did the stylists learn?

1. A five Star Consultation
2. How to read  and design facial framing to face shape
3. The 3 Wheels of Fashion
4. 7 principles in Razor cutting
5. How to cut abstract and precision lines with the razor
6. The importance of a great finish
7. How to take a great photo with (lots of photo tips) to increase your following on social media
8. In the Practical sessions the stylist put the above principles into practice.
9. Now the stylists have a ‘one year access to’ for continued mentoring and education. 



Roberto Melo told me that he had been so inspired by my work, following my career  for almost 20 years, I am thankful to amazing men like Roberto, as my biggest goal is to add value to others lives.  Roberto shared this opportunity to also add value to others, therefore raising the standard and respect for our craft.

So I challenge you, do  you want to host an event in your salon?  I have an amazing new workshop called “Photoshoot make over”.
For more information please contact [email protected]” or call  631. 591.1079

All the best Vivienne Mackinder Founder of


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    1. Hi Geri & Marc, I will pass on your email to [email protected] who books all of Vivienne’s live events. She has been assisting Vivienne as New York Fashion Week, so she will get back to you as soon as she is available. Thanks so much Paula


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