How to combine Razor and Precision cuttting


Hi there my Dear Friends at HairDesignerTV and Fellow Stylists.

As many of you know I was classically trained at the London College of Fashion, then my training at Vidal Sassoon’s and Trevor Sorbie.  All the great masters taught me the importance of strong technique and a beautiful well balanced shape.  While I still follow these principles,  learn and master the rules before you break the rules.  So to combine Scissor, razor and dress-work all on one head is stepping out of tradition.  But in this mix up you can create something new.


Below is a step by step from my FaceBook live, I hope you enjoy the video.




Aliza (Weiss) Gottlieb make up

These are the 8 methods I use in razor cutting.  Should you want to study, please visit HairDresignerTV.COM “Razor course”

or join me for a live event, it would be great fun to work together.”

Theses Methods can be found in my new course on Hairdesignertv, for 5 star members  “THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CUTTING”.


  1. Blunting technique for bold lines and cross checking
  2. Chiseling technique for defused lines
  3. Etching technique for wispy soft lines
  4. Circle technique for valleys and peaks
  5. “L” technique for deep valleys and peaks laying and outline together
  6. Butter knife technique – for reducing weight
  7. Shaking the hand Razor technique for layers and on top of head


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