Hi there my friends at HairDesignerTV and fellow stylists.   So excited to share with you news about our new “Soft skills” course at, my online educational site. Exclusive for our 5 star Members.
As you all know there has to be a balance between soft skills (how we connect) technical skills  (how we execute) Creative skills, (how we see and use our imagination) . The blend of all 3 is a dance and the grand masters in our craft respect this delicate balance.


With out great communication and connecting skills we will not get buy in.

With out technical skills, the hair style  may be hard for our client to manage at home.

With out creativity, life is boring!



From studying these soft skill lessons you will increase your value behind the chair.  Learn the power of a 5-star consultation and develop a deeper connection with your guests.  Understand how to read face shapes and learn how to design facial framing that makes your client look her very best.   Understanding the Wheel of Fashion will take your basic designs from ordinary to extraordinary. This lesson will deepen your appreciation for fashion confirming  that we are a vital necessity to the ever changing world of fashion.  I have found that my greatest learns have been assisting iconic hairdressers, being able to see the world through their eyes, and our lessons on assisting will set you up to be successful. A great assistant will get a call back on a photo shoot, seminar or hair show!  In daily salon life a great assistant is a valuable asset.  In fact, your growth will be determined in how you support the salon and become a team player. To put the icing on the cake we finish with some inspirational content to get you excited about your career and its future.

Enjoy and let us know how this changes your life.


All the best Vivienne Mackinder founder of

For educational support please contact Rebekah Harrison  631-375-1820

[email protected]

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