The 6 Faces of Fashion

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Hi there my friends at HairDesigner TV and Fellow stylists. What does Fashion this mean to you?


We are so fortunate today that we can express our individuality. So while we can be creative with fashion and trends, I think the bigger question is how do we develop greater style?  In this movie we explore the 6 faces of fashion I hope you enjoy.

A woman’s lifestyle expresses her values and her perception of beauty, Helping your clients find their personal style is about discovering and expressing their distinctive essence. There’s more to our craft than working with bone structure, body type and hair texture, its developing great style.

Picture 9For example, street fashion is an almost tribal way of life. Membership is expressed not only in hair, makeup, accessories and clothes but also through music and social and political beliefs,  Bohemian fashion, on the other hand, is truly individual, mixing cultural influences in a relaxed and playful manner.

Image-9b minimal Picture 4

Thank you to my amazing team. All the best Vivienne Mackinder

Join us at Sky Fall.


Where -Sky Fall – Palm Springs
What –Two day intensive work shop
When – 6th and 7th August 2017
Why – Expand your creativity and train your eye for shape
Limited – to 18


Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.19.02 PM

Sunday Presentation by Vivienne and Nicholas
How to make commercial work more creative and authentic
Consultation – Facial framing – 3 wheels of fashion
Demonstration and Multimedia presentation.
Afternoon session – Putting the ideas from Morning session into practice.

Monday Presentation by Vivienne and Nicholas
How to develop your creativity and find an original idea. From high fashion to Avant Garde
Story boards – Development of the idea. The “creative journey chart” :- What if?
Why? How?


Team Credits 6 faces of fashion
Hair: Vivienne Mackinder
Hair Color: Joe Blackwell & Eddie Wunderlich
Makeup: David Maderich
Fashion Styling: David Widjaja
Photography: Hama Sanders
Special Thanks . Lois Christie, President, Intercoiffure America/Canada


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