The Journey of the Shag



Hi There my Friends at and fellow stylists.

The Shag is truly like the bob, it never goes out of fashion. BUT how you style the Shag does trend in and out.  This is one of my favorite Models Julia, I love the journey we have taken on our photo shoots from the short shag to the long concave layers.  I hope you will enjoy sharing with your clients.

Photo credits; Hair Vivienne Mackinder
Photography Roberto Ligresti
Make up David Maderich
Fashion styling Montgomery Frazier
Fashion Malan Breton


shag_day look_web

Model #1 — Boho Casual (Look 1)

Style: The Hair was razor cut into a long shag with a very soft outline. The it was blow dried in a “twist and stretch” method using
Joico Power Whip whipped foam and Hair Shake liquid-to-powder Texturizer, and Joico Power Spray.

shag dressed up_web

Model #2 — All Tousled-Up (Look 2)

Style: The Hair was styled using a backcombing set method. Teasing the roots and then using a curling iron to create the lift and texture. Joico Power Spray was used at the base. The hair was then ruffled with the hands and blow dryer to give this relaxed undone style.
Color: Natural Level 4 o Lowlights: create dimension by applying equal parts Joico Vero K-PAK Chrome RB4 + Chrome Activator
o Highlights: equal parts Joico Vero K-PAK Permanent Color 9G + 20 Vol.
o Glaze: Demi-Permanent Vero K-PAK Chrome G8 for 10 mins.
o Use Joico Color Infuse Brown Shampoo and Conditioner for after-care to maintain color vibrancy
Photo team Roberto Ligresti – HairStyle Vivienne Mackinder – Color Gion Vincent – Makeup David Maderich – Fashion Montgomery Frazier

Step 1 – Smooth the roots, remembering that this style is a small head shape and the hair will Fall according to the root direction – apply tension as you smooth the hair.
Step 2 – Put a bend into the mid shaft to start the movement (working from the established flat root) Notice how I am blow drying into the brush
Step 3- Drape the hot hair over the nozzle and repeat step 2, apply Cold shot to close down the cuticle Before moving into the twist and stretch movement



Step 4 – Now change the direction on a diagonal moving to vertical angle We want to achieve an irregular movement throughout the hair (please note that if you stay on a horizontal angle you will create a bubble effects)


Step 5- Stretch out the ends for a more relaxed effect Design as your blow dry, do not just power dry hair. to watch video please go to




















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