The journey of the shag Part 2

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Hi there my friends at and Fellow stylists.



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julia shag .




Tips on how to use a razor
1. Glide do not hit the hair
2. Keep the elbow down so that you do not hit or saw the hair
3. The tip of the Blade is the lightest point use it with the light touch like a makeup Brush
4. Holding the razor in a horizontal manner creates weight
5. Holding the razor like a makeup brush, (holding vertical) creates lightness
6. I use 8 methods, from blunt to abstract wispy lines, all of which are taught on in the New Designer Program and Razor course.




tips and tricks-2106 bw
When practicing place a towel under your arm to develop the habit of keeping elbow down.
tips and tricks-2097 cropbw
Holding the razor with a light touch, balanced so that each finger is engaged. Holding horizontally is a heavier form of cutting
tips and tricks-2098 bw
Holding the razor vertically like a makeup brush, for light strokes, creating more texture and deeper valleys and peaks
tips and tricks-2102bw
Holding the razor for layering, the blade pointing to the ceiling, the elbow is down, and the wrist lightly swings, (the feeling of shaking some ones hand)

tips and tricks-2104 bw

From the Designer Program on  _ for your on line learning experience

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