On the road to NAHA

Hi there my Friends at HairDesigner TV and fellow stylists.

Its that time of year again, I am sitting in the airport at JFK NY, on my way to NAHA and to present a KeyNote speech at Beacon hosted by the Professional Beauty Association.  It’s always an adventure  and delight to reconnect with so many industry professionals.  This is part of my collection that I entered to NAHA this year.  The collection called Yin Yang. Sponsored by Joico

Photo credits;
Photography Roberto Ligresti
Make up David Maderich
Fashion styling Montgomery Frazier
Fashion Malan Breton

CONFETTI PASTEL DELIGHT (Vertically Daring, Cascading “Coriandolli” Rainbow) • Style inspiration: the inspiration here was the Joico Color Intensity “Confetti” collection. I wanted the hair to cascade with movement. While the entire collection of images was inspired by the idea to create a new type of ponytail, I found my imagination taking off beyond the limitations of a ponytail. (If you look closely at each of the looks in the “Yang” part of this collection, you will see I have a ponytail base.) After Gion completed with coloring the hair wefts (we used every color in the Color Intensity “Confetti” line in this hairpiece) I then styled and razor cut each weft. I made a base out of Milliner’s net and then started the construction. …Six hours later – voila! Pure magic. • Color: used Joico Color Intensity “Confetti” Collection (Mint, Sky Blue, Lilac, Peach and Rose) + added


Color: Vero K-PAK Color 5RR + Joico Color Intensity Orange + Vero K-PAK Color 8G + Vero K-PAK Color 4G (hand-painted rectangular sections on wefts)

THIS IS THE PRESS ON MY COLLECTION_ Hair is the medium through which great hairstylists create and share their artistry. Recently, Vivienne Mackinder found herself amid the grasp of artistic inspiration and her need to express it through her life-long muse that is hair design. Along with famed hair and beauty photographer Roberto Ligresti and Joico Colorist Gion Vincent on the job for hair color.

To learn how to create the Yin Yang collection Please visit www.HairDesignerTV.com where you can see the cut and color for this collection

For all Booking Vivienne Mackinder inquires please contact [email protected]



Color: Color Red Fall and Fringe o The Fall was level 10 lightest blonde o step 1: Vero K-PAK 7RC (bright red copper) mixed with 20 volume roots to ends. o step 2: Vero Chrome 2oz RC8 (orange crush) 1oz RR (really red) mixed with Vero Chrome Activator – roots to ends o step 3: Color Intensity Red o step 4: zebra stripes with Vero K-PAK Color 1N (black)

Vivienne created a unique editorial collection, inspired by Chinese philosophy – borrowing from the idea of the Yin and the Yang (or the feminine and the masculine) to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary or interconnected. Light and dark, fire and water, expansion versus contraction – These are perceivable or tangible dualities that inspired this collection.

Color: Use Vero K-PAK Color 1N to create a deep root o Pre-lighten pieces (focusing on tips) and use Joico Color Intensity Peacock Green + Sapphire Blue o Wash with K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner, rinse.


Color: Natural Level 6 o Root Application – equal parts Joico Crème Lightener + 20 Vol. (process 45 mins.) o Glaze – equal parts Vero K-PAK Color Toner Pearl Blonde + 20 Vol. on damp hair for 7 mins. o Shampoo with K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo then use K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Treatment for 5 mins, rinse. o Apply Joico Color Intensity Peacock Green at the tips to create an overall dip-dyed look (process 20 mins.)




AUGUST 6TH – 7TH, 201

7 thoughts on “On the road to NAHA

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  1. Vivienne

    Once again, truly spectacular work! I get so inspired looking at your work! Thank you for sharing your collection with us! Xo


  2. very inspiring as always thanks for share. love them all for various reasons.
    1.the rainbow is in
    2. the checkers are hot.
    3 love the blonde with the ends different.


  3. Taking your 3 day Cutting Class has changed my life. You are an awesome trainer, motivator, and Classy Lady. Can’t wait for our paths to cross again.
    Thank you for everything!


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