FACE BOOK LIVE – how to create a relaxed undone style.

Hi there my friends at HairDesignerTV and Fellow stylists.

Its always interesting when we do something new for the first time. Challenging, sometimes fun, but often with a little in-trepidation.  10 years ago we produced live and pre-recorded  broadcasts from my HairDesignerTV studio, called VivTV. Using over $20,000 in filming equipment.  The cost of the video from start to export averaged a week in edit and another big financial investment. And Today we can broadcast from our I-phone!!!!

How the educational platform has changed, and yet with the abundance of choices, with Membership sites like HairDesignerTV.com. Free sites selling advertising and products. YouTube, Instagram and FaceBook, from online to live events the challenges remains the same.  

Alas we can not go from good to great over night. You can not microwave Mastery, Mastery takes time to marinate.  That’s why you must pick your Mentors and Coaches carefully as they will influence your career!  Often the weariness of waiting for the big success, frustrates many stylists and they jump off the bus, often loosing motivation.  The goal is a lifestyle of learning and growing; in our technical and creative skills, increasing our soft skills, staying relevant and being consistent in a very demanding profession.  This is why I recently created the Designer Program as the ultimate in salon training system in cut and styling.  If you have not seen it please sign up today for a free test run.  http://designerprogram.teachable.com/

In Today’s video, I would like to share with you:- How to plan a design. How to see a shape.  How to relax a style so that it is a day look, ‘Done but not too Done’.  Gosh this is a fine line to walk! 

I hope you enjoy this FaceBook Live video.  Let me know what you think? Please share with your friends.  I look forward to seeing you online or in 2018 at one of my live events here in New York.  Enjoy!!  All the best Vivienne Mackinder Founder Of HairDesignerTV.com





PLEASE CALL 631.591.1079 OR EMAIL [email protected]




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