Reinventing ones self – Is so Fabulous

Hi there my friends at HairDesignerTV and fellow stylists and colorists.
Where are you in your career?  Are you Happy?  40 years later I still love hair, I have an insatiable hunger to be better at my craft.  I do believe this is my biggest motivator, is the hunger to learn new things and reinvent myself.  So this week I decided to become a colorist!!  But lets go back in time to give this statement its true prospective.  

The beginning:- Two years at the London College of Fashion, learning how to be a generalist in hair.
Followed by an Apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoons, where I was told to choose cut or color, and clearly told you can not do both!

I chose cut and style but did not feel that I missed out on any thing as I was blessed to work with the legendary. With Anne by my side I would do a cool hair cut and then discuss with Annie the vision. We would brain storm ideas and then she would create her magic, and make my hair cut look 10 times better with her brilliant color.


Annie Humphries, check out her interview On Behind the

I would ask crazy things like this of Annie, “Could you make a flat surface have dimension”?   Make hair look like fur? Paint a pattern on the hair using fabric or a plants as our reference? Annie would always say YES, she never said no. She had such strong technique and was fearless.  So now we move forward in time to  40 years later. As you know todays top salon service. Hair cutting is taking a back seat, and while I still have a passion for great haircuts and dress work, its time to reinvent myself.  Its time to be a colorist!!




You my dear friends are the first to know, so now you can hold me accountable!!!   2018 Viv becomes a colorist and I will film the journey and we will all learn together.  It started last week with the Joico team in NYC working from Salon B with Gion, Phil, Brendon and Angelia.
We were working on a top secret new collection, to be show cased in spring 2018.  So excited about the collection I wanted to learn.



Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed.  If you want to join me in my area of expertise check out my 2018 work shop calendar.

WORKSHOP: New Trends Cutting
LEVEL: All Levels
WHEN: March 5th – 6th, 2018
WHERE: Water Street Studio – 247 Water St, 1st Fl, New York, NY 10038 TIME: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (1-hour Lunch)
HOST: Vivienne Mackinder & Art Team INVESTMENT: $1,250.00

Creativity without boundaries! Vivienne demonstrates each step going over the fine details for each skill requirement. Stylist then recreate the techniques with guidance from Vivienne and her art team member. *All work is performed on mannequin heads.

Workshop Focus:
• New Trends in Cut & Finishing • Face Shape and Facial Framing • Precision Cutting
• Razor Cutting
Training Session Format:
• 1-hour multi-media presentation each day • 6-hours of hands-on training each day
Upon Completion:
• 6-months access to the Designer Online Program • Completion Certificate

*NOTE: This workshop is part of a designed journey. We offer additional packages of live events, monthly coaching, virtual meetings and the designer program online education. These extra resources can be custom designed to support you and maintain the integrity of your training system

*Seating is limited, SIGN UP TODAY!

 For more information, call 631-591-1079.

cutting work shop NYC

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