The Treasures in our Lives

HI there my Friends at HairDesignerTv and Fellow Colorists and stylists,

At this special time of year we are all reminded about the importance of love, compassion and gratitude towards mankind. Indeed these are acts of service a good hairdressers and colorist performs every day behind their chair.

I believe you will enjoy this powerful video message. It made me question my value behind the chair? The value of my relationships and so much more.  What is your value?  Who determined your value? Can you earn an increase for 2018?

Watch this powerful 3 minute video and then ask yourself these important questions: Could I  be undercharging for my professional services? Do I place myself in environments where I flourish?  If you do not have answers to these questions, then pour yourself a nice big cocktail and have Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and lets dive deeper in the New Year. xxx


Wave and sleek design
From the new Pivot Point collection – Hair By Vivienne Mackinder
This style was such a challenge in technical skills to wave the hair and then transition into sleek hair.  Its beauty and originality make it’s expensive and a treasure.  I hope you enjoy.  Should you wish to add more value to your team check out my NEW TRAIN THE TRAINER PROGRAM FOR 2018.  I  hope you will join me. All the best Vivienne.

Photo credits;
Pivot Point Collection
Photography Roberto Ligresti
Make up David Maderich
Fashion styling Montgomery Frazier
Fashion Malan Breton

WORKSHOP: Train the Trainer – Artistic Director Training (Part 1)

LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

WHEN: March 18th – 20th, 2018

WHERE: Water Street Studio – 247 Water St, 1st Fl, New York, NY 10038

TIME: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (1-hour Lunch)

HOST: Vivienne Mackinder


• Educator/Artistic Director (Full Participation) – $1,650.00

• Associate Team Member (3-day Observation)– $600.00

The “Train The Trainer” workshops are designed for Educators or Artistic Directors, those who are specifically responsible for training new stylist in a salon environment.  Vivienne guides you through the ‘Designer Program’, which is an online apprenticeship system. This program will equip you with a learning path for your new hires, and help you train your new team members. Using Vivienne’s apprenticeship system, you will be able to train your new hires more efficiently and get them on the floor faster – in turn, increasing your profits. The Designer Program provides a higher technical and creative system to turn your team into highly skilled professionals.

Workshop Focus:
During the Part-1 training, students will focus on soft skills, styling & finishing hair, including editorial styling. The focus is dexterity skills, strong technique, combined with creativity and the ability to understand hair shape and face shapes as you design. *Please note, in Part-2 of Train The Trainer, we focus on consultation and cutting skills.

  • Hire to Win and Retain Staff
  • Systems for Evaluation & Coaching
  • Training System Soft Skills (part 1)
  • Finishing Skills, Blow Dry and Setting
  • Dress Work – Casual and Formal
  • The Art of Understanding and Building Shapes
  • The Art of Pinning
  • The Art of Back Combing

Training Session Format:
3-hours multi-media presentation each day
6-hours of hands-on training each day
Upon Completion:

• 1-year access to the Designer Online Program
Completion Certificate

*NOTE: This workshop is part of a designed journey. We offer additional packages of live events, monthly coaching, virtual meetings and the designer program online education. These extra resources can be custom designed to support you and maintain the integrity of your training system

*Seating is limited, SIGN UP TODAY!

For more information, call 631-591-1079.

2 thoughts on “The Treasures in our Lives

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  1. I am very interested in this train the trainer class but I will be away on these dates do you have any other date for this class? What would I.T cost to have Vivian to my salon in ct to do this and see if we could invite a few salon in for training we can fit 15-20 people in. We are located right next to north haven academy pm school.. Excited to see Vivian in Punta Cana .Thank for any info you can share


    1. Hi Joyce, Happy New Year to you. All Vivienne workshop dates and prices are on To discuss Vivienne coming to your salon, could you send me your email address and we will book a day and time to discuss this with you. Thank you so much Paula (Viv’s sister)


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