Going for Gold

“Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better.” – Jim Rohn

I wonder if this was written thinking about the challenges of cutting a straight line on a bob?

Stepping into the new year with Purpose Passion and excellent intention – GO FOR GOLD.


WORKSHOP: Train the Trainer – Artistic Director Training (Part 1)

LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

WHEN: March 18th – 20th, 2018

WHERE: Water Street Studio – 247 Water St, 1st Fl, New York, NY 10038

TIME: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (1-hour Lunch)

HOST: Vivienne Mackinder


• Educator/Artistic Director (Full Participation) – $1,650.00

• Associate Team Member (3-day Observation)– $600.00

The “Train The Trainer” workshops are designed for Educators or Artistic Directors, those who are specifically responsible for training new stylist in a salon environment.  Vivienne guides you through the ‘Designer Program’, which is an online apprenticeship system. This program will equip you with a learning path for your new hires, and help you train your new team members. Using Vivienne’s apprenticeship system, you will be able to train your new hires more efficiently and get them on the floor faster – in turn, increasing your profits. The Designer Program provides a higher technical and creative system to turn your team into highly skilled professionals.

Workshop Focus:
During the Part-1 training, students will focus on soft skills, styling & finishing hair, including editorial styling. The focus is dexterity skills, strong technique, combined with creativity and the ability to understand hair shape and face shapes as you design. *Please note, in Part-2 of Train The Trainer, we focus on consultation and cutting skills.

  • Hire to Win and Retain Staff
  • Systems for Evaluation & Coaching
  • Training System Soft Skills (part 1)
  • Finishing Skills, Blow Dry and Setting
  • Dress Work – Casual and Formal
  • The Art of Understanding and Building Shapes
  • The Art of Pinning
  • The Art of Back Combing

Training Session Format:
3-hours multi-media presentation each day
6-hours of hands-on training each day
Upon Completion:

• 1-year access to the Designer Online Program
Completion Certificate

*NOTE: This workshop is part of a designed journey. We offer additional packages of live events, monthly coaching, virtual meetings and the designer program online education. These extra resources can be custom designed to support you and maintain the integrity of your training system

*Seating is limited, SIGN UP TODAY!


For more information, call 631-591-1079.

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