Style is timeless fashion is fleeting

Hi there my Dear Friends at HairDesignerTv and fellow stylists and colorists,
I hope you had a brilliant Christmas, holiday season and a memorable new year.  Happy new year to your all.
Wow this time of year is always a big time of reflection and editing my life with the huge desire for simplification!! Is it the same for you?  After giving away suit cases of clothes, I then started on boxes of press cuttings and organizing my portfolios.  I mention this as when I look back over 40 years of published work I realize some important things have withstood the passage of time namely:  Style that is timeless, while fashion is fleeting. 
Reviewing so many international magazines the hero shots were short and edgy cuts, where color took a second place. It once again confirmed how repetitive long hair has become today, especially if not colored and styled in a fabulous way.  Do you agree that we may be coming to the end of this long hair cycle? While I do love long hair and amazing color, its time to look to the next new thing. Viv’s Prediction:-  I think the razor and finishing skills are going to be very important techniques to master, along with expensive looking color.
Please check out my new work shop Calendar, this week I am sharing the Train the Trainer program which is great for salon owners, Art Directors and head of Education.  Love to see you at my next class.

The New Designer Program By Vivienne Mackinder .  Instant access any time, any where.


Even top salons and leaders within the business confess to the challenges of staff training and keeping the assistant program exciting and fresh.  I can now support your training program in 3 simple ways:-
1. Train the trainer live event workshop
2. Virtual coaching sessions to follow through and support you and your team (private session)
3. The Designer program online (any time any where 1 year access)
In the good old days education was an event, but today its a way of life, combining online with practical training.  ‘Train the trainer’ is a great package for combining live event in New York and virtual training from the comfort of your own salon.
Rejuvenate your salon culture for 2018 inspiring your team to be life long learners.
Join me today, at
Vivienne Mackinder 
Founder of

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