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Hi there my Friends at HairDesignerTV and fellow stylists and colorist.

I am so excited to tell you that we are about to launch our 2018 Train the Trainer program in NYC and the Hamptons (please check out the link below to sign up)

As you all know our craft is an art, it takes a live time of perfect practice to be a master.

I am so inspired by the Winter Olympics to see the great athletes perform.  You do not realize how difficult the moves are until someone falls.

The masters make it look easy, but it is not!  I do believe that this is the greatest illusion of all.  When you consider the life time of practice, including all the support and coaching.  When I watch the Olympics I love hearing the back ground story of passion determination and a relentless determination to succeed.  This is the same spirit we need today in business.  We are only as good as those we surround ourselves with, which is why I designed my NYC and Hamptons workshops.

Its amazing when I think of my career, there have been so many people in the back and foreground supporting me.  We can not achieve greatness alone.

IVY OVERBY  EMERGE SALON .  My testimony regarding the Train the Trainer workshop: 

Vivienne Mackinder is a true inspiration and a legend in our beautiful industry, not to be under-estimated. After many years of attempting to craft a training program, and never fully over-coming gaps and consistency challenges, our training team was ready to elevate our program. We hoped that the Train the Trainer Program with Vivienne would be the answer. We chose wisely.

The workshop itself proved to be a complete game changer for myself as an owner, and the team I brought with me. The overall education was very high level-including an in-depth look at the fashion wheel, the guest consultation, and diving into many advanced technical skills and photo journaling.

One stand out portion that was taught was the importance and value of photo documenting our work. We were taught to actually “see” shape, and features in a completely new way, and this, for a team of talented and experienced hairdressers, is an impressive feat! We were also given incredible tools for leadership development, and for evaluating our trainees progress as students. Invaluable! The online education is of tremendous support for an ongoing program within the salon. It’s thorough, entertaining and challenging. It meets the needs and grows all, regardless of experience, within my team. We train using the program several times a week and are seeing impressive professional growth.

We were privileged to also have a virtual training that was an incredible inspiration to my team. She spoke about fearlessness, Emerge’s theme for 2018. She shared stories from her experience and gave perspective to the team. Everyone was so appreciative of her words, stories and wisdom.  We are thrilled to have Vivienne on our team. Bravo! Ivy Overby

WORKSHOP: Train the Trainer – Artistic Director Training (Part 1)

WHEN: March 18th – 20th, 2018

WHERE: Water Street Studio – 247 Water St, 1st Fl, New York, NY 10038

HOST: Vivienne Mackinder


• Educator/Artistic Director (Full Participation) – $1,650.00

• Associate Team Member (3-day Observation)– $600.00


For A Limited Time All Workshops Are 20% Off Listed Price. For A Special Discount When Purchasing 2 Or More Workshop Seats, Contact [email protected].

The “Train The Trainer” workshops are designed for Educators or Artistic Directors, those who are specifically responsible for training new stylist in a salon environment.

Vivienne guides you through the ‘Designer Program’, which is an online apprenticeship system. This program will equip you with a learning path for your new hires, and help you train your new team members. Using Vivienne’s apprenticeship system, you will be able to train your new hires more efficiently and get them on the floor faster – in turn, increasing your profits. The Designer Program provides a higher technical and creative system to turn your team into highly skilled professionals.

Workshop Focus:During the Part-1 training, students will focus on soft skills, styling & finishing hair, including editorial styling. The focus is dexterity skills, strong technique, combined with creativity and the ability to understand hair shape and face shapes as you design. *Please note, in Part-2 of Train The Trainer, we focus on consultation and cutting skills.

• Hire to Win and Retain Staff

• Systems for Evaluation & Coaching

• Training System Soft Skills (part 1)

• Finishing Skills, Blow Dry and Setting

• Dress Work – Casual and Formal

• The Art of Understanding and Building Shapes

• The Art of Pinning

• The Art of Back Combing

Training Session Format:

• 3-hours multi-media presentation each day

• 6-hours of hands-on training each day

Upon Completion:

• 1-year access to the Designer Online Program

• Completion Certificate

*NOTE: This workshop is part of a designed journey. We offer additional packages of live events, monthly coaching, virtual meetings and the designer program online education. These extra resources can be custom designed to support you and maintain the integrity of your training system

*Seating is limited, SIGN UP TODAY!

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  1. Hello. I would have loved to do this, but I need at least 6monthbor more notice so that I can plan. Is there a way to hear about more classes coming that are farther out? Will this class be offered again?
    Thank you!
    Kim Coffin
    Catwalk Hair Design


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