Kourtney Razor Cut Bob

 Hi My Friends at HairDesignerTV and Fellow Stylists.

I am back!!  I have been missing in action, consumed with so much work.
Building out our new website and uploading over 900 videos has been a huge task.  I hope you will enjoy my new HDTV, as I built it for you.

(we have a free trial so please check it out and make Mama happy!).
The above video clip is from a new tutorial (in the art of razor cutting)
  just posted on – Hairdesignertv.com –  in the video library “hair cuts” (short cuts)

Did you know when I started my online education it was 25 years ago!  After months in development I stopped, realizing that technology was not ready for my dream.  So I put the project on hold. 16 years ago I started again, but the internet was still dial up and a mobile phone was just a phone, remember the days when we actually talk to each other, before texting!!
In the early days of building online education, there was no social media and YouTube, but soon they would all bloom and change our worlds.

Today I know you have so many choices as we can all self publish.  I thank you for your time today, if you have not visited my new website HairDesignerTV.com  please make an artist date and explore, let me know what you think?

I have devoted over 40 years to refining my craft and developing my training systems to help stylist be the best professional they can be.  Like you I am still learning and growing!!

This is a new Razor cut video I launched today
I hope you enjoy it.
Featured in HairDesignerTV.com
the  Cutting course
(Short cuts)


Thank you to Ricardo Sandiago for the stunning color
Thank you Joico.
This was shot backstage during the BTC show.

Fashion by Malan Breton

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