Learn How to Razor a Bi-Level (Layered) Hair Cut

HI there my Friends at HairDesignerTV and fellow stylists,
I just posted a new cut within my “Hair Cut Library”Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.35.13 PM

I have been noticing a growing trend in the world of Instagram Fast learning,  Many stylists showing clever trick and techniques which all have great value.

My only concern is the amount of times a stylist cuts the same hair over and over again.   Think about this for a moment, the more you go into the same area over and over again you end up doing 2 to 3 haircuts but you only charge for one!!

I saw a one minute video demonstrating 7 great techniques  in order to cut a fringe and yes the fringe was over cut..   I have learned that the razor is a great solution to create shape and texture, all at the same time. One pass through the hair and one cut.  What do you think?  The Big question, have we taken detailing and tricks too far?

I know that classic training  with scissors and razor allows you to make smart choices.
Remember fashion fades but Technique endures.

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Zoe cut was one pass through the hair using a blend of several razor methods



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