7 Tips for making a Basic Haircut more Creative

Hi there my Friends at HairDesignerTV and fellow stylists,

Making an ordinary cut extraordinary!  Is a creative challenge.
Check out below my 7 tips and video newly released on HairDesignerTV.com :

REALITY  CHECK: It does not matter how brilliant your technique in cut, color and styling, or how creative you are.   If you do not custom design to your clients personality, your master piece turns from the best look to the worst look.
Many times when I have been limited by the clients features, hair texture or level of confidence. I search for a place where I can make the final look complete who she is and not compete.

SID4_KEN_1027.jpg1. Never compromise beauty for a trend.  Always look at your client from head to toe in the mirror.  Remember the head is only 1/7 of the total person, and yet it is a vital accessory to fashion and style.
2. Design to Face shape not a photo reference.  Let your client know how  important it is to Custom design to her. What works in a photo may not translate.
3. Consider how quite or loud the style should be? (soft color OR bold color? soft lines OR strong lines?)
4. Consider where the client lives within The wheels of fashion (For example: Boho, Rock, Glam or Classic)?
5. How sensual should the look be? (For example: Boyish, Girly, Sensual, Romantic or Sexy)?
6. Custom Design to your clients Life style
, age and personality.  (Not your life style!!)
7. When all I can do is a basic cut, I ask “How can I add more magic with styling and color”?  Some times is just a change in parting that can make the difference.

Salon Ideas Video with Kendall’s style

A huge thank you to Joico and the talented creative team that made this video possible your rock stars!!.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if so would you like to join me for my next summer hair cutting workshop here in the Hampton’s

Please share this blog with your friends and add value to each others day!!

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 1.13.04 PM.png

All the best Vivienne

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