How important is the profile when designing your hairstyle?

Hi there my Friends at HairDesignerTv, fellow stylists and colorists.

I love this cute summer hair cut, it inspires me to cut off my hair! Soft facial framing and short layers with a square undone outline. A perfect time to get out your Razor and create.

Facial framing impacts the profile
Its easy to forget about the profile when we have a strong focus on ‘Facial Framing the front of the face,but the face has a side!!  I am totally guilty in my past of forgetting to look at the importance of the profile.  I confess at the end of the style thinking very privately “well it looks great from the front, but I hope she does not look at the side! As I just made the profile ugly!”  Thank Goodness hair grows!!

I have just posted a new video MARI IN SHORT HAIR CUT LIBRARY   A great short layer summer cut.  I hope you enjoy.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 4.30.10 PM
CONCAVE                                                     CONVEX                                                STRAIGHT

Today pay greater attention to profile and educate your client on how to achieve a straight profile.  I hope you enjoy this video from HairDesignerTV.

Should you wish to learn more about designing to Face Shape.
Please sign up today at HairDesignerTV and check out SOFT SKILLS IN THE DESIGNER PROGRAM.

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Vivienne Mackinder 

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  1. Thank you Vivienne ❣️For explaining face shape s in such detail & solution s for counteracting ❣️ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL & BRILLIANT ❣️


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