NAHA 2018

HI There My Friends At HairDesignerTV and fellow stylists/colorists.

I hope this blog finds you well.  Tonight is NAHA and this is my collection for Masters.
I wish to congratulate all the Nominees, it is a big achievement to get here!!
Tomorrow I will share the Results with you.  Click here to see live stream from Las Vegas

A big thank you to my Naha team- Photography Roberto Ligresti – Make up David Maderich –  Fashion Nikko Kefalas – Color Phil Ring and Gion Vincent

Kaleidoscope collection Masters 2018 Nomination5. kaleidoscope_rainbow swirl_mackinderd

The Inspiration was a Kaleidoscope of color and texture.  I wanted to create a Fine Art Collection, mixing bold shapes with movement and color.  Being mindful of color placement to add depth and drama to each look.  The challenge was to push the creative spirit without compromising beauty.

4. kaleidoscope_textured edges_mackinderdWhen searching for an original idea, it is the ultimate creative journey stepping into the Unknown.  One needs a childlike quality of curiosity without judgement, as a new idea is delicate and it can be killed by impatience.

2. kaleidoscope_bouffant_shag_mackinderdMany things go wrong during the process, but I always tell myself;  “Keep doing the right thing, even when the right thing is not happening”.  Brilliance could be around the corner.

3. kaleidoscope_feathers_mackinderd

Not being shy about color, you will notice that a couple of the styles have every color within the Joico color intensity line, nothing like a bit of extravagance. While I wanted originality, it was important for the style to look expensive.

kaleidoscope_faux hawk_mackinderd.jpg

My color team Joico, Phil Ring and Gion Vincent pushed the creative boundaries to create Kaleidoscope.  It was a magical collaboration for which I am so grateful.
Team work makes the Dream work.  Thank you to my amazing team.


Vivienne Mackinder 
Founder of

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