Undone and Relaxed Styles

Hi there my Friends at HairDesignerTV and Fellow Stylists,

When did you last consider how to make your styles have a sensual romantic feel?  The images below reflect that emotion. The hair is soft and touchable, relaxed, and, yet, there is still a shape.

Get the look:

  1. Prep the hair with the appropriate ‘bodifying styling product’s for set, memory and bounce.  (I like Joico JoiWhip.)
  2. Set hair with medium size marcel iron.  Use the  ‘Vertical Twist Technique,’
    alternate with ‘Twisting,’ and curling the hair vertically with a  ‘Walk and Stretch Technique’.  All of these methods are in the  HairDesignerTV editorial course under “Sets.” 
  3. Brush out the set, then apply Hair Shake or Beach Shake by Joico. Then, tip the head upside down and blow dry with high power on cold.  Goal:  To undo the set and separate the texture for a more relaxed look. Hair dryers and brushing may pull too much movement out of some textures. In this case, simply run your fingers through the hair. To determine the strength of the set, see curl chart below.

Earth Angel 2

Get the look:
1. I used the previously mentioned  set as my foundation for the second look.
2. Section off a triangle area under the occipital bone for the ponytail and secure.
3. Take a halo section and lightly  use the “Stack and Pack Technique” at the roots for volume (Back combing videos live in Editorial course on HDTV. )
Then use the “Mesh Technique” for adding fine texture to the midshaft and ends.
4. Roll the hair into this soft “Gibson Girl look” pin into place and then gently open the hair.   The art of pinning is featured in the Editorial course on HDTV. 
Note: For limp hair, if you brush and smooth the hair,  you may find it more challenging to undo the structure while retaining movement.  If this is the case, after backcombing try just using your fingers,  to keep the separation and do not brush.
5.  If the client has some facial framing, allow it to drop out. Lightly finish with hairspray.

Earth Angel 1

The curl chart:   I love my chart which is part of the Editorial course on HDTV.

Consultation Considerations
1. Where does the clients natural texture live from 1 to 10? 
(Level 1 being poker straight or level 10 being kinky tight curl.) 
2. How far from natural do I want to go?
3. Is the weather and environment going to impact the texture?

(Use the following charts for reference.)

3. wave scale.jpg

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Thank you for being part of my Blog, please share with your friends.

Vivienne Mackinder 
Founder of HairDesignerTV.com

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