Voguing around the Face

5 of 6 videos in the series Developing a great sense of style.

What –  As we design we create shaping around the face. These hair framing shapes open or close the face, lifting of flattening the clients features. So while we can use a photo reference from Instagram  to show our clients ideas, the photo is designed to someone else’s face  not our clients  face.  Words have power but seeing a visual reference on the client is so much more powerful. Introducing Voguing around the face’ to show with our hands  (that represents hair shapes) how we can open and close the face.  Who is sitting in your chair?   This video is featured in the Designer Program SOFT SKILLS

Why – It is easy to be blinded by fashion and trends, or get lost in our technique and loose sight of designing to face shape.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 not import and 10 extremely important)    How do you rate your awareness?     I promise this video along with the other videos in this series will open your eyes to see shape and design from a new prospective.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 6.31.50 PM.pngWow! I estimate from the 1000’s of hairdressers I have trained over the last 40 years.   95% say that they need to refine their skills in designing to face shape.  Creating more beauty and suitability is our ultimate goal.  Most stylists  confess, that they never had training in this area.  How about you?

Stand your client up and check for balance.
A great sense of style is the total look.


I truly hope you find this series life changing.  Lov Viv

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Face shape facial framing 
Face shapes
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Vivienne Mackinder 


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