Behind the scenes at a photoshoot

Hi there my friends at HairDesignerT, fellow stylists and colorists!

Thank you for joining my blog today.

Now that we can self publish our work through social media, we can play at a new level. So, I wanted to share some great tips.

These are important questions to ask when taking your photos from good to great, especially  when hiring a professional photographer and team.

Before you begin the most important question:
Why do a photoshoot?
What will be the return on your investment regarding time and money?
What is your budget?
Can you barter services in your salon for your team of experts?

What is the story of your shoot?
Create ‘Mood boards’ that represent your inspiration to share with your team.
This will create cohesiveness with the team.

Check out this video for inspiration I take you on a journey from concept to shoot.

Join us for my final photoshoot workshop of the year! It will be a smart investment with a big return.

P.s. when I do a basic editorial shoot my average budget is around $8000.  This workshop is only $2,650, which is a fraction of the cost, yet, students receive the exact same portraits of their work as if they’ve invested the full $8,000. You can’t beat the value!!

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONScreen Shot 2018-09-22 at 1.38.34 AM

Let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear from you in comments below.
Vivienne Mackinder 
Founder of

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