Invest In Yourself You’re Worth It!

Hi there my Friends at HairDesignerTv and Fellow stylists,
Do you remember the adrenaline rush you felt the first time you learned a new technique?   -OR –   The stylist you aspired to be the day you stepped foot into your first salon?

In the beginning, we make promises to ourselves to commit to our own education. Then, life happens. We grow complacent and bored with our surroundings when we do not follow through on those commitments.

Change can happen, but it starts with you.   Why wait another day?
Learn more – Make 2019 the year of YOUR career by investing in yourself!

There is only ONE difference between the everyday hair stylist and the Instagram Influencer. Education, and is here to give it to you!

Your, or your salons, investment of $25 a month is a small price to pay when investing in your future!

When your salon guests notice the massive shift in, not only your skills, but your renewed passion behind the chair, you will wonder how you ever got along without us!

To be a leader in your salon, you must take the lead.

I would like to share with you the virtual education and our live events for 2019!

Whether you are an individual stylist or a salon team looking to learn and grow together, we have education to suit everyone! Check out our payment options as well! We pride ourselves on being built for every budget!

Click this link to see our 2019 Calendar!

Vivienne Mackinder 

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