The #1 Way to Improve Client Retention

Hello my fellow hairstylists and members of HairdesignerTV,

     If you are having challenges with client retention, you may want to pay close attention to what I’m about to say:

Determining your clients expectations off of assumptions, gut feelings, or your own interpretation of a trend is a sure way to have a revolving chair and cause you to lose potential, lifelong business.

       A mentor once told me that  this business is 80% people skills and 20% technical skills. Your consultation is the gatekeeper of your success. It is insurance for your business that will allow you to influence and “win over” the guest sitting in your chair before you touch their hair. If you take the time to start off on the right foot then your services are much more likely to end in happy, rebooking clients!


     There are very few educators coaching hairstylists how to custom design their work around the woman sitting in their chair vs. putting the same trend on everyone that walks into their salon. The Designer Program on HairdesignerTV grooms hairstylists to be efficient artists in a commercial world. My 5 Star consultation, located under Soft Skills, is the golden ticket to client retention.


So what is the secret to a 5 Star consultation?

Custom designing style to the clients lifestyle, personality, and sense of fashion that compliments her hair texture, bone structure, and body type.


Watch the full video and learn more on Vivienne’s 5 Star Consultation in The Designer Program under Soft Skills on HairdesignerTV!



Stay tuned next week for a free gift from the Designer Program!! Have a fabulous week my friends!



Vivienne Mackinder 



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