Top 3 Haircutting Tips

Hello my Fellow Hairstylists, Friends, and Members of Hairdesignertv!

I’ve got some incredible news! I have been working overtime to produce a new haircutting tutorial collection that is beyond anything that I have ever released and I am so excited for its launch this week on Hairdesignertv! You can find more information below! You will notice some pretty amazing changes around the website, as well! So, keep your eyes peeled and check your emails daily for the launch notification!!

Now, the real reason for writing today is that, while filming and testing the new collection, I had incredible learning opportunities as a coach and mentor. As many years as I have been in the industry, I, still, notice areas where we can all use a few little reminders, so I put together a list of my Top 3 Haircutting Tips!
Untitled Design 2
  1. Take small sections. Your guideline is the foundation of your haircut. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Always, always, always check your guideline!ake sure you see 
  2. Cross check often!  If you cut horizontally, check vertically to make sure all lines are correct up and down, and side to side on the head. This ensures you are working consistently!
  3. Stop, take a step back and work with the hair. Let the hair talk to you. Ask yourself, “Is the hair hanging nicely? What do you need to change before going to the next section?”  Use your mirror and look at the shape. Great design is about detail and the big picture.

These are all things that most of us have been taught. However, I believe we get busy and forget some of the most basic fundamentals! My challenge to you is, while you are working this week, see if you notice whether you have forgotten to do any of the above! Try to correct your not so great habits and GROW from those discoveries!!



The newest Master Haircutting Certification Program with Vivienne Mackinder, “One Girl, 7 Looks!”



Vivienne Mackinder’s Exclusive 7-Step Hairstyling Transformation Program

A journey of seven transforming hairstyles from long to short –An interactive video-based training program designed to sharpen your skillset and minimize your haircut service time, allowing you to earn more behind the chair. Discover the journey of transformation through 20+ video tutorial lessons in an 11 structured course!

What’s even more exciting is…for the first time EVER, the razor and mannequin required for the course are INCLUDED!

Keep your eyes peeled for more news on our launch!


Vivienne Mackinder 

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