Let’s Celebrate!!!

Hello my friends, fellow hairstylists, and members of Hairdesignertv,

I don’t know if you have been keeping up lately, as I know the salon is busy! However, we felt that, as the Summer months are upon us and everything will begin to slow down a little, it was time for some “refreshing” of our own!

HairdesignerTV underwent a facelift and it is officially LAUNCHED!!!!!!



You read that correctly! Since we are now celebrating over 900 videos on our website, we decided to organize everything by specialty. From this point forward, you can choose what you have access to. If you want to focus on haircutting, you will not have to scroll through the other programs. It will be much more digestible and easier to navigate!



Not to mention, everything looks so much prettier! (I think we all can appreciate pr

***Just in case you were wondering: Yearly memberships will continue having access to the entire library, as you are grandfathered into your original plans!***




We hope you love what we have achieved! We worked so hard to make your online learning journey much more enjoyable!

Follow this link to check it out!!



Vivienne Mackinder 

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